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Create A Calendar Course

Making your own calendar is completely doable after taking this course! Learn to Create a Calendar from Start to Finish.

Included in Stacie Bloomfield's "Create A Calendar" Course:

- 9 In Depth Video Lessons

- 50 Calendar Themes to Choose From

- Learn to Storyboard your Calendar

- 3 Calendar Templates

- Easy Manufacturing Guidelines + Production Terminology 

- Recommended Online Printers

- FAQ Document

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own 12 month calendar featuring your own art?

I’ve been creating and selling calendars for the past 10 years for my illustration business, Gingiber.

When you want to dip your toe into creating income from your art, you have to find that perfect balance between making eye-catching art and putting it on a product that is useful to your dream customers.

Calendars are perhaps the perfect marriage of art + product. Create your own calendar by creating a 12 piece art collection.

I will show you how to:

- create your collection of art, layout your own calendar

- get it production ready so that you can bring your calendar to life.

- Plus I am sharing my favorite online printers with you

- I’m providing you with templates for creating a beautiful and useful calendar

- I will give you my tips and tricks for marketing the heck out of your beautiful new 12 month calendar once you are done. 

After taking this class you will have made a new 12 piece art collection. You can then turn your calendar artwork into greeting cards, tea towels, stickers, and more. This is what I do in my own business so that I’m getting all the opportunities out of each illustration that I’ve made.

To complete this class you will need:


  • Your medium of choice (I’m creating my art digitally digitally using my iPad)
  • Paper and a pencil for sketching
  • Scanner if you are creating by hand for scanning your art into your computer
  • Adobe Illustrator for layout and preparing your calendar for production. I’m providing you with templates for laying out your calendar that you can open in Adobe Illustrator. 
  • 12 days to devote to creating your calendar artwork