An easy step-by-step FREE mini course for creating greeting cards FEATURING YOUR OWN DESIGNS, in Procreate.

FREE Card Making Class? SIGN ME UP!
FREE Card Making Class? Sign Me Up!


Lesson 1

Coming Up With A GREAT Card Idea

Lesson 2

Sketch, Illustrate, and Letter Your Card

Lesson 3

Choosing GREAT Colors & Final Details

Lesson 4

Layout Your Entire Card in ProCreate

Lesson 5

Print Your Cards At Home Or Online

Learn the perfect words for greetings cards depending on the occasion.

Get a glimpse into my design process for cards, understanding why some designs are better suited for greeting cards than others.

Understand the dos and don’ts of greeting card design so your card stands out. 

Gain insights into the various layouts for flow and best printing results.

Learn how to turn your design into a print-ready greeting card file for the front and back.

Here's What Others Said About The Course

"Thank you so much Stacie for creating this super fun and practical course to create a card!"


"I loved the class. I have been looking for ways to turn my artwork into cards and the class included lots of tips. "


"The course was very helpful. I loved seeing your process. I enjoyed it. Thank you so much!"


Get The Lessons!

This Free Mini Course will teach you from start to finish how to create a killer greeting card featuring your illustration.

Hello my fellow greeting card lovers!

Inside of this completely FREE mini course, I'll teach you how to make an eye-catching greeting card so you can license, make, and sell them or just use them personally. From coming up with the perfect words to printing your very own card.

After this class, you will be equipped to create ALL the cards - from Birthday Cards to Valentine's Day Cards and everything in-between. Sending cards featuring your own art sounds AMAZING, right?

I'm so pumped to see what you come up with! - Stacie Bloomfield

Hey friend!  I’m Stacie Bloomfield.

I’m an artist who KNEW in my gut that I would grow up to be one. Although, my success has been WILDLY different from what I predicted. In fact, it has far exceeded anything my mind could have imagined. 


After getting married and welcoming our first child, I put my dreams of being an artist on hold so that I could support my graduate student husband, all while balancing working full time at a coffee shop and trying to figure out motherhood.


I longed to find a way back to art, to be present for my kids, and to create income from my art so that I could support my family.

That was 12 years ago. What has happened in my life since then has been a mix of wins and growths - all leading me to have my designs in over 1000 stores and supporting my family through my art.

I am excited to teach you how you can do the same!

YAHOO! Let's Do This!

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