Intro to Chalk Pastels

In this beginner-level online workshop, we will be going over how to use chalk pastels to create vibrant, impressionistic pieces. Pastels are a fun medium for adults, as well as children! We'll go over a variety of topics in our lessons, including gesture drawing, blending and mixing color, creating gradients, and how to layer and seal your pastel drawings.

Intro to Drawing

In this beginner-level online workshop taught by Gingiber Lead Teacher Faith Nelson, we will be going over key drawing fundamentals including gesture drawing, breaking down shapes, light sources, and shading. I'll be walking you through each lesson in a simple, approachable way, so that by the end of the class you'll feel so much more comfortable sketching on your own! It's the perfect class for the total beginner, who's always wanted to learn to draw.

Intro to Embroidery

We LOVE embroidery here at Gingiber! If you've never done embroidery before, this is the perfect place to start. In this class taught by Stacie Bloomfield, we will walk you through everything you need to know to get started. You'll also receive free downloads for the printed pattern and color guide for this "Easy to Be Kind" sampler.


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