Are you sensing that your BIG, creative vision is outgrowing your current artistic circle? 

Then it is time to step into a new room... a hive.... if you will¬†ūüėČ

I've created the year round "Creative Hive" for YOU! I know that you've been searching for your NEXT LEVEL community of seasoned art business owners who are as determined as you are to hit the next phase of financial growth. Because, like you, they will never settle for "good enough".

That's why I founded "Creative Hive".  And I'd love for you to apply.

It is the most transformative mastermind our industry for artists serious about financial growth and hiring.

For course creators, product businesses, service providers and licensed artists.


Perhaps you are wondering what makes this program special?

It is a hand-selected, exclusive group of artpreneurs who are determined to grow their brands, increase their revenue, and change the perception of what is possible in the art business world.

I am heavily involved in the group, sharing over 14 years of business experience. The synergy that results from these meetings is absolutely astounding!

And, if you are accepted, you will be warmly welcomed into the most dynamic mastermind in the industry.

And what is the program structure?

We spend a full year together, keeping each other accountable and learning from each other (and legendary industry guest veterans) as we find new ways to sell our art, launch new courses, and land licensing partnerships.

Monthly Calls

We help solve each other's problems! We meet virtually every month work together to break through bottlenecks in our creative industry.

Monthly calls also feature experts on product and course sales, evergreen funnels, marketing, financial planning, money management, mindset, and more!

2 Destination Retreats

Members are invited to attend 2 luxurious, in-person retreat with me, my leadership team, and your fellow participants. These retreats are crafted to rejuvenate, create community, and ignite the next "aha" moment in your business.

So far we've traveled to Rosemary Beach, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, San Diego, California, to name a few locations.

Quarterly Peer Groups

Every quarter you will be given a new peer group so that you can get to know your fellow members and build deep relationships.

The value of the program comes from what you put into it, so participating in your peer group is a must.

You surround yourself with people who are as driven as you are, and this leads to faster results.

Daily Private Communication 

Our program has a private communication channel with an app for your phone. We talk daily about everything from our pets to our families to our business wins and struggles.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this small group experience will give you the greatest friendships of your life.

We have a high retention rate members are about to start year 3 of this program, because the enthusiasm, passion, and drive of these business leaders is contagious!


Creative Hive members are doing unbelievable things!

 We value openness, confidentiality, and accountability. 

I talk with the members of this group nearly EVERY DAY through our private group chat. This is the most personal access to my own business workings that I offer.

Embody your art business transformation!

What you are doing today won't take you where you want to go. You've got to literally visualize where you want to go, and imagine what the best future version of you requires of you today. 

Gain Deep
Rooted Wisdom


For the creative who longs for the next phase of their career, get ready to learn how to transform your art business. Product based businesses are my specialty, and I cannot wait to help you see your products in stores and households all over the world. 

Establish Your Authority


Big results happen when you invest in yourself. When you think of "Creative Hive" as an investment in your future, the program becomes a tool that you utilize everyday. 

Your big goals come true when you show up ready to work everyday. 

Profound Relationships


The higher your reach, the more isolated it can become. UNLESS you are intentional about who you surround yourself with. Share  the big wins and the upsetting misses with your fellow members. We challenge each other, comfort each other, and cheer each other on. 

Past Mastermind Guests Presenters

Emma Shipley


Kayln Johnson


Kevin Jennings


Michelle Rohr


Cat Coquillette


Karen Nelson


Elyse Breanne


Raquel Godsey



Our Member Growth Stories

Jennifer Clifford


Applying was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and it helped me to uplevel my business of 9 years in so many ways. 

Stacie is an incredible teacher, and I love how open she is about her business. 

One of the biggest takeaways is the clarity that I have now. When I started at the beginning of the year, I had entertained so many directions that it made it hard to focus. Now, I have a plan for my business, and it feels so good.

Areas of growth for me and my brand this year:

  • I refined my product line
  • Grew my wholesale
  • Created several lead magnets and grew my newsletter
  • I learned a lot about Facebook ads and how to run them myself
  • I had a big aha moment with a new offering that will help artists sell at craft fairs.¬†
  • And so much more.

Thank you, Stacie. This has been an incredible year. 

Rebecca Woolbright

I have been running a product based business for the past six years and have really struggled to get my products in front of the right stockists. With help and guidance from Stacie and other members, I have created automations and a pitch schedule. As a result, I have added over 40 stockists this year! 

I launched two small group coaching sessions on how to manufacture your products overseas. This has been a total shift in what I thought I would ever offer in my business and it has turned out to be the most incredibly rewarding part of my business. 

In terms of self-growth, my confidence in myself has grown. I feel like I have leaned into the person that some have seen all along, including Stacie, and I am happy. This year I have dealt with some large personal blows, but the support from the community has been compassionate and unending. I have created life long friendships.... my heart swells knowing that they are a beautiful, unforeseen outcome from the program. 

It has been one of the most motivating, enriching, and pivotal things I have ever done for my business.

Shirlee Fisher

I wavered back and forth about applying to be in Stacie's Creative Hive. I had a four month old baby at the time the application was due, but I knew how much I wanted to grow and be in community with other female creative entrepreneurs at a deeper level so I took the plunge.

I now have clarity and a vision for where I am going in my path as an educator in the creative space, but I have the tools to apply everything I have learned into this part of my business.

I now run a podcast called, "The Tillage Podcast." I have been blown away by the support I have found in this community. Stacie goes above and beyond to give rich lessons throughout the year. She puts her heart and soul into the Creative Hive and her love for each and every person in the group is felt so deeply.

If you want to accelerate your goals, get clear on your vision for your business, gain tools and methods to implement for various revenue streams, and rub shoulders with high caliber business women...then this program is for you!


Criteria for Applying

Joining the Creative Hive Mastermind is a wonderful experience (and, a LOT of fun).

We look to add members to the group who are doing innovative work in their niches and are also ready to sprinkle their unique wisdom and experience into our group mix.


  • Age: Celebrate being 18 and beyond!

  • Commitment Champ: Get ready to dive into the fun ‚Äď commit to joining us for every exciting meeting!

  • Business Triumphs: Bask in the success of your thriving business! Many of our members are steering toward six figures, and some are even hitting the multi six-figure mark!

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Embrace your role as a creative entrepreneur! Our group is carefully curated to ensure a vibrant mix where everyone brings something unique to the table, fostering an atmosphere free from competitive vibes.

  • Purpose Powerhouse:¬†You are driven. You want to make the most of your one wild and precious life. And, you feel that deep call to a greater purpose with your work. You want to leave an impact in the art business world.¬†

  • Collaboration Cheer: Bring on the teamwork! Be ready to share, support, and lift each other up within our awesome group!

    Do you read this and think to yourself "YES, THAT'S ME?" Then click the below button and apply.
Join The Waitlist!

The Creative Hive Overdelivers!

As an active member of The Creative Hive, you get access to my ENTIRE educational product suite:

  • Leverage Your Art Course ($1,997 value)
  • Creative Powerhouse Society Membership ($500 value)
  • Illuminate Virtual Conference ($200 value)
  • Create a Calendar Course ($97 value)
  • Create Tea Towels Course ($107 value)
  • Create a Planner Course ($299 value)
  • Portfolio Templates ($67 value)
  • Pitch Email Templates ($19 value)
  • Art That Works ($47 value)

And any future programs that I create will be auto granted to you as an active program members.

Join the Waitlist and Make The Next 12 Months A Year of Growth.


If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

Stacie will review and get back in touch if a spot becomes available.

Join Stacie Bloomfield and her overwhelmingly delightful leadership team inside The Creative Hive.

Acclaimed Surface Designer, 7-Figure Product Business Owner, Author, Licensed Artist, and Sought After Teacher.

Spend 5 minutes with Stacie Bloomfield, and you will immediately be ignited by her ENTHUSIASUM for helping creative entrepreneurs. Stacie makes you see what is possible as an art business owner.

Best of all, she walks the talk: she is still running her thriving art business while carving out a name for herself in the Art Online Education Sphere. 

Her 14 years of actual, industry-tested, ear to the ground and finger on the current pulse experience speaks for itself, making her a rare mix of Peer and Trailblazer.

Stacie has become a force in the creative world, earning respect from her peers with her transparency, vulnerability, and dedication to the industry.

With knowledge that is spread across multiple revenue streams (online education, product and digital subscriptions, wholesale, licensing, publishing, and direct to customer sales) you won't find another teacher with this much hands on experience making SUBSTANTIAL MONEY from her art.


And Creative Hive Members get an exclusive, behind the scenes look at how she juggles it all (and still manages to raise her family of 5).

Are you ready to join The Creative Hive?

It will be the most in-depth and up close look at a thriving art business that you've ever had. 


The Financial Investment in Your Future

Compared to the cost of remaining where you are at right now.


$9,900 USD


Payment Plans are also available for artprenurers who wish to pay as they go.

 Fees are subject to go up in future years.



Frequently Asked Questions