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Leverage Your Creativity into a Multifaceted Career. I'll teach you exactly HOW TO DO IT!

Enrollment Opens Again on June 8th, 2021

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Are you a visual artist who is ready to say "YES" to your creative future?

Learn how to sell your portfolio of artwork and how to get deals with your dream companies. Elevate your customer reach through product collaborations. Say "YES" to expanding your brand and learning how to handle your business and finances like a BOSS.

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Do you want to craft your dream career and have location flexibility?

Work from ANYWHERE that has an internet connection. SERIOUSLY. Having a multifaceted creative career that includes art licensing gives you location freedom! Work from the beach! The mountains! You decide.

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Do you want to make recurring revenue from your portfolio of artwork?

Licensing your artwork allows you to sell THE SAME DESIGN across several different product categories!  And with royalty payments, licensing is the gift that keeps on giving. Learn the BUSINESS of an art career.

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Are you ready to build a stable career that can withstand changes in the marketplace?

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Learn how to create multiple revenue streams, from art licensing to publishing, from selling on your own website to teaching, from Amazon print on demand to dropshipping.

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Are you ready to have the creative career that gives you financial freedom, location flexibility, AND celebrates your own unique artistic voice? Do you dream of designing for your favorite brands, but you just need someone to show you exactly how it is done? Do you want to see your art on products, expand your brand, and have a successful creative career? Do you have hopes writing and illustrating a book someday? Want to dabble in producing your own products? Are you ready to be the boss of your business and set up systems that work from the get go? This Leverage Course is exactly what you need.

Leverage is an online training program for creatives who are ready to level up to work with dream clients and gain industry respect. From surface pattern designers to illustrators, from fine artists to hand letterers, you will learn the business of licensing and selling your artwork and making those creative big dreams come true.

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Stacie Bloomfield is such a wonderful colleague and mentor. Her years of experience and knowledge have given me the invaluable insight and guidance in growing my own creative business.

- Tram Colwin, Artist

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Stacie is a fountain of knowledge, resources, and wisdom. She has helped me solve so many of my dilemmas in growing my creative business. I’m forever indebted to her help.

- Kate Whitley, Little Things Studio

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Hello! I'm Stacie.

Are you ready to leverage your art into your dream career?

I've been exactly where you are: you are dreaming of having a career as an artist. I graduated with an art degree, but then became a coffee shop manager because I didn't know how to make money with my art.

I started selling my own artwork online. I realized that I could leverage my artwork by selling products wholesale, licensing my art, doing custom work, and creating book illustrations. The possibilities seemed endless!

Now nearly 11 years later I license my art to major companies, sell my products in 600+ retail stores, teach & host workshops in my studio, & lead a growing team of amazing employees. I feel like I am in control of my business, and I want to teach you how to do the same.

I am here to teach you exactly how I did it, save you years of trial and error, and give you the advice and tips I wish someone had given me when I launched my business.

Come on! You are about to take the biggest step towards your dream career. LET'S DO THIS.

I'm Giving You My PERSONAL Guidebook to Art Licensing Success

I have worked with huge brands like William Sonoma, Crane and Co, Sellers Publishing, Crate and Barrel and Moda Fabrics + countless other companies licensing my artwork and creating dream collaborations. My products are in over 600 retail stores. And I've done it all by honing a tried and true system of organizing, pitching, and selling my artwork.
This course will give you the confidence to go after your DREAM CLIENTS, land collaborations, and continue to grow your brand and tell your own unique story. You too can have a thriving art career. You are a CREATIVE POWERHOUSE. Believe it.
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I wanted to move from a successful business teaching art, to focusing on my art and surface design. I didn’t want to lose or confuse my current audience. I was stuck and knew I needed experienced guidance. 

I jumped at the opportunity to have a business consultation with Stacie Bloomfield. Stacie was able to draw on her years of experience as a thriving creative entrepreneur. She offered encouragement, clarity, and actionable, practical solutions that I was able to implement quickly and easily.

For the first time, I understood how I could share all of my interests and serve a bigger audience as my best, authentic self. Armed with pages of invaluable take-aways from our consultation, I’m on a path to my biggest dream! Thank you, Stacie! 

- Betsy Mitten


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I was fortunate enough to work with Stacie from Gingiber quite a bit and it was such a pleasure, always producing wonderful collaborative results!

She was open to working from very little creative direction, brand new out-there ideas or very detailed creative direction.

No matter the request, consistently her art and designs were exactly what our customers were looking for, leading to some of the best selling and most-loved product for the company!

- Seana Strawn

Former Director PD & Design, The Land of Nod

Currently Range Design Leader, IKEA of Sweden

I'm SO EXCITED TO TEACH YOU! Here's Exactly What We Will Cover: 8 Week Course Outline

What You Will Learn in Leverage

- Find your creative voice & develop a compelling brand story that customers will connect with

- All about licensing to fabric companies from industry experts

- Assignments with real design briefs aimed at at growing your portfolio

- Create licensing decks by subject

- Q&A With former CEO of a major kid's product line who will talk about what companies look for from licensed artists

- Interviews with leading licensed artists across multiple categories

- Learn how to perfect your elevator pitch and get your emails opened

- Q&A with a leading Art Agent + FREE product mock up templates

- Client management and how to build good habits that lead to lasting relationships

- Deep dive into finances for small businesses + Q&A about operations management

- Q&A with my IP Attorney about copyright and how to protect yourself

- We will give you a game plan for what to do if your art is ripped off and how to handle it

- How to copyright your work and why you should consider it

- All about writing a book proposal

- Share about my book publishing process

- How to create a brand that is sought after across multiple industries

- Mapping out your potential revenue streams

- The business of wholesale, manufacturing Q&A with my own manufacturing broker & direct to customer sales

- Line sheets, catalogs, and pricing + templates

Learn from Industry Veteran and Sought After Illustrator Stacie Bloomfield

Acclaimed Surface Designer, Author, Entrepreneur and Sought After Teacher.

Spend 5 minutes with Stacie Bloomfield, and you will immediately be ignited by her ENTHUSIASM and PASSION for helping creative entrepreneurs. She is a living idea factory. Her energy is contagious. Best of all, she practices what she preaches: that we were MADE TO ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER.

Stacie has been creating artwork for brands and products around the world since 2009.

Over the past several years, Stacie has traveled and taught to hundreds of students around the country, sharing her passion for design, making, and business growth.

Her journey of being an illustrator began out of necessity: to financially support her husband who was a graduate student and to take care of her growing family. Through hard work, determination, and A LOT of trial and error, Stacie has become a force in the creative world, earning respect from her peers with her transparency, vulnerability, and dedication to the industry.

Her illustration business, Gingiber, is now a thriving company with products sold in over 600 stores and has licensing deals with major brands. With knowledge that is spread across multiple revenue streams (wholesale, licensing, publishing, and direct to customer sales) you will joyfully learn how to leverage your art into a career.

With the Leverage Course, Stacie will share her PASSION and business know how, inspiring you to work hard, dream big, and achieve your goals. Stacie truly believes that the world needs ALL of us, and with a little bit of encouragement and an eagerness to learn, you can and WILL have a career as a licensed artist. You will do more than just pay your bills: you will develop the business savvy to THRIVE financially, have the freedom to work on your own timetable and schedule, and truly craft a life that gives you peace, joy, and fulfillment.