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A monthly membership EMPOWERING you to create products to compliment your art and illustration portfolio. 


In the Creative Powerhouse Society, you will be guided through your creative entrepreneurship journey, be given tips and quick win ideas for taking your artwork and turning it into marketable products, and hear your most pressing business questions answered. Each month delivers lessons on how to Leverage Your Artwork, designs challenges for maximizing your portfolio, and provides licensing and manufacturing resources so you can find the right partners for growing your brand. Learn to create a stable business with multiple revenue streams.

Watch the video to learn about WHY The Creative Powerhouse Society is where you belong.





Peer Groups

Join a small regional breakout group for additional community and accountability as you work on your art career.


Industry Insight

Learn how to grow your art business with monthly lessons and expert interviews with industry trailblazers. 


Achieve Your Goals

Move forward on your Creative Powerhouse Success Path. Get ready to dream bigger as you turn your goals into reality.


Find a Safe Place

This membership is a trustworthy and private community for sharing your wins and asking your hard questions.






This is your home.

The Creative Powerhouse Society is a membership for artists who want to create income from licensing, then take that artwork and make products to sell on their own. For LESS THAN $1 A DAY this membership gives you the tools you need to leverage your creative ambitions into a sustainable, joyful, and fulfilling career.

What is inside the membership? Live Q&As, E-Commerce Specialists, Monthly Lessons, Expert Guest Interviews, Product and Manufacturer Reviews, Peer Groups, Design Challenges and Continued Mentorship. You will find the answers to your questions and build the creative career of your dreams. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR CREATIVE SPARK.



Enrollment is Currently Closed and Will Reopen Fall 2021
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I'm SO excited to be a part of your business journey.


  Here's Exactly What To Expect Each Month:

Even if you ONLY take advantage of ONE feature of this membership, it is worth the cost and is incredibly beneficial.

Week 1

Guided Lesson / Behind the Scenes Video from artist & illustrator Stacie Bloomfield prepared exclusively for you about how to grow your brand and business.

Week 2

Expert Interview from industry specialists to help inspire you and motivate you on your creative journey and help you grow your product based and licensing business faster.

Week 3

Monthly Live E-Commerce Q&A with Holly MarshMueller. Whether you have a website already or are looking for tips on how to improve your own, we've got you covered. 

Week 4

One-on-One Coaching Sessions where Stacie works with members to help solve their specific problems as they grow their licensing and product businesses.

 PLUS participate in twice a month live Q&A's with Stacie Bloomfield, Member Led Workshops, and Join a Regional Peer Group.


Doors Reopen in 2021

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What have we already covered in the Creative Powerhouse Society? 

You get access RIGHT AWAY to our student portal.

Take a look at what is inside!

  • Digital Downloads
  • Portfolio Prep for Collaborations
  • Behind The Scenes: Fabric
  • Wholesale 101
  • Finding Your Niche
  • How To Find Your Ideal Audience
  • Holiday Prep for Online Sales
  • How Grow Your Newsletter 
  • How to Create Lead Magnets
  • Print on Demand Reviews of Printed Mint and Printful, and Tee Public
  • Behind The Scenes Look At My Business, Gingiber
  • Access to 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Current Members
  • "Purpose Prompt" Design Challenges for Portfolio Building
  • Playbacks of our E-Commerce Q&A sessions with Holly MarshMueller
  • Playbacks of Live Q&As with Stacie Bloomfield
  • Live Peer Led Round Table Workshops

We've also interviewed the artists behind the brands Molly Hatch, Tula Pink, BabyJives, BannorToys, Little Things Studio, Coriander Quilts, and more!



 The Creative Powerhouse Society is a membership made for illustrators, creative entrepreneurs, and designers. This membership will teach you HOW to use what is right in front of you to LEVERAGE your artwork into multiple revenue streams. The CPS delivers original content to inspire you, challenge you, and to make you think about the IMPACT your art can have on the world.

 Hear from our current members about why they LOVE The Creative Powerhouse Society!

Joining CPHS, was what I needed to keep the momentum going after finishing Stacie’s Leverage Your Art course. My peer group has been amazing, it has been super helpful to bounce ideas with people that get it. They area a really lovely bunch!

Stacie is an amazing leader, always willing to go the extra mile for her students. She is very generous, sharing the behind the scenes of her business and sharing her knowledge and know how from her many years of experience. If you are a creative looking for guidance and support, to move your business forwards, Creative Power House Society is the place to be! 


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I love the Creative Powerhouse Society. Not only is Stacie amazing and attentive to everyone individually (she’s Wonder Woman!), the group is full of lovely people willing to help you out. There are a million reasons to love this membership but I’ll focus on one aspect - the community!  I’m part of a Peer Group and we have already made such huge progress helping keep each other accountable and giving solid ideas to help grow our individual businesses. There’s no competition here, either. Only a loving community willing to help; something that is SO important for someone like me who feels very overwhelmed by the art licensing world. I would not be able to figure this out without Stacie, the community, or this membership. It’s amazing! 

Erin N.
Snowberry Design Co

Just wanted to take a moment to Thank You for creating the Creative Powerhouse Society.  I graduated from your Leverage course with a wealth of knowledge, and I've found CPS to be the perfect next step in my entrepreneurial journey.  It's a comfort to know that as I'm creating and growing my business that I have a community of support I can easily access. I especially appreciate your accessibility to and level of interaction with our group,  as you don't always find that in these types of memberships. Can't wait to see where you take us next. I'll be there flooding you with questions, looking for feedback, and I will continue to be filled with gratitude for you and your team.  Thanks again for all you do!


Kelly Ludwig

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The CPS gives me all the information I was looking for for a very long time!  Wanted to set up my own creative business before, but I got always stuck on the next steps and those next steps and so much more information is out there in the CPS.  Stacie has so much knowledge on how to build your business and all the next steps, as in how to advertise, how to write pitch-letters, where to go with your designs, what about copyrights etcetera etcetera.  And on top of that you have your Peergroup where you find like-minded people who are following the same path as you do, that is sooo inspiring and motivating!!!  

So so happy with my Membership


Let Industry Veteran and Sought After Illustrator Stacie Bloomfield be Your Business Guide

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Hello! I'm Stacie Bloomfield

Are you craving guided support while you chase your creative dreams? I have built this community for you.

I have an inkling that The Creative Powerhouse Society is the place for you to nurture your business and let your creative spark shine.

You have big creative dreams but need accountability to take action.

You have been searching for a community of likeminded creatives who GET YOU. Because, let's face it, not everyone understands the journey of a Creative Powerhouse.

You are ready to level up, whether you are just starting your business or you've been around for a few years.

You want to build a creative business that shines bright. You want your work to have MEANING and make a difference.

Over 11 years, I've licensed my art to major brands, sold my products in 800+ retail stores, & lead a growing team of employees. I've taught hundreds of students how to leverage their art into a creative career.

I am here to guide you on your own journey.

You Were Made To Shine.  Do What Lights You Up.

Creative Powerhouse Society Features (SO Much Value)

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Exclusive Lessons

The first week of every month I (Stacie) deliver a video lesson for you about ways to grow your creative business and leveraging your art.

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Live Q&As with Stacie

Twice a month I will go LIVE with you and answer ALL submitted questions from members. This is my FAVORITE part because I LOVE live interaction.

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Video Reviews of Suppliers and Drop Shippers

We are building a video review database of Suppliers and POD/Drop Shipping Manufacturers. I personally review them for you.

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Optional Peer Groups

Join a Peer Group near your geographic location and dive DEEP into each month's guided talking points. We GROW TOGETHER.

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Access To A Master Manufacturing List

Not only do you get access to my list of tried and true resources and manufacturers, but we are continuously adding to the master list. 

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Behind The Scenes

Get an inside look at how I run Gingiber, my stationery and illustration business, and see how I develop products, collections, and more.

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Live Q&As with Our E-Commerce Specialist

Once a month our E-Commerce Specialist Holly MarshMuller will answer any and all questions you submit about setting up a website, selling online, and more.

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Expert Interviews

Stacie sits down once a month with the best in the creative industry. From Molly Hatch to Tula Pink, you will be INSPIRED by their stories and learn their best practices.

Doors Reopen in Fall 2021
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You are about to JOIN an amazing community of Creative Powerhouses!

Join us with a monthly subscription
or enroll for an annual option:

$250 (SAVE 20%)
+ Get a Free Copy of my book
"Give Yourself Margin"

$26 SUBSCRIPTION (cancel any time)

Doors Reopen in Fall 2021

Sign up for a Full Year of the Creative Powerhouse Society and get a FREE COPY of my book!

"Give Yourself Margin: A Guide to Rediscovering and Reconnecting with Your Creative Self"

Acclaimed Surface Designer, Author, Entrepreneur and Sought After Teacher.

Spend 5 minutes with Stacie Bloomfield, and you will immediately be ignited by her ENTHUSIASM and PASSION for helping creative entrepreneurs. She is a living idea factory. Her energy is contagious. Best of all, she practices what she preaches: that we were MADE TO ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER.

Stacie has been creating artwork for brands and products around the world since 2009.

Over the past several years, Stacie has traveled and taught to hundreds of students around the country, sharing her passion for design, making, and business growth.

Her journey of being an illustrator began out of necessity: to financially support her husband who was a graduate student and to take care of her growing family. Through hard work, determination, and A LOT of trial and error, Stacie has become a force in the creative world, earning respect from her peers with her transparency, vulnerability, and dedication to the industry.

Her illustration business, Gingiber, is now a thriving company with products sold in over 600 stores and has licensing deals with major brands. With knowledge that is spread across multiple revenue streams (wholesale, licensing, publishing, and direct to customer sales) you will joyfully learn how to leverage your art into a career.

With the Creative Powerhouse Society, Stacie will guide you along your own journey, guiding you to work hard, dream big, and achieve your goals. Stacie truly believes that the world needs ALL of us, and with a little bit of encouragement and an eagerness to learn, you can and WILL have a career as a licensed artist. You will do more than just pay your bills: you will develop the business savvy to THRIVE financially, have the freedom to work on your own timetable and schedule, and truly craft a life that gives you joy and fulfillment.

Doors Reopen in Fall 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Doors Reopen in Fall 2021