Howdy! I'm Stacie Bloomfield, and I've been doodling my way to the art licensing and product based career of my dreams for the past 13 years.

Get ready to GROW! 

As a member of The Creative Powerhouse Society, you will spend 12 months learning how to:

  • Build a strong Art Portfolio
  • Strengthen your Art Business
  • Get your Art onto Products!
  • You are looking to go deeper, not wider, in your art business knowledge.

The Creative Powerhouse Society is just what you've been looking for.

Here's Exactly What To Expect Each Month

Even if you ONLY take advantage of ONE feature of this membership, it is worth the cost and is incredibly beneficial.


Get Guided Lessons and Behind the Scenes Videos from artist & illustrator, Stacie Bloomfield prepared exclusively for you about how to grow your art business through licensing and product development.


Stacie interviews experts in art licensing, fabric design, stationery, font development, and passive income streams to help you grow your product based and licensing business faster.


Join Stacie for Live Q&As to answer your submitted questions. The live sessions are JUICY but concise. Questions asked by members help the entire community. These Q&A's are held on Zoom and allow for real time interaction.


Watch One-on-One Coaching Sessions where Stacie works with members to help solve their specific problems as they grow their licensing and product businesses. Plus join LIVE Peer-to-Peer workshops.


You can also join a Regional Peer Group. Peer Groups will be assigned after you join. You are 95% more likely to achieve your goals with consistent accountability. 



Hear Directly From Our Members

Lacey Green Testimonial

Lacey Green

My favorite aspects are the relevant content that is posted-I love Stacie’s personality and how down-to-earth she is and just how welcomed I always feel despite not being super connected with the community aside from my peer group. Next would be my peer group, I love having a couple of people who are near the Same stage in our journeys and be able to provide some encouragement and their experiences as well. I just love having a place to go with like-minded individuals who at the heart just want to also grow and share. It’s been a much-needed burst of inspiration and support and it has meant everything in terms of what I’ve needed to pursue to life’s passion. Thank you CPS and the Stacie Bloomfield!
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Dawn Khoury

My favorite aspect of Creative Powerhouse Society is the strong sense of community and positive support from everyone in CPS community. Stacie Bloomfield’s positive nurturing nation, and knowledge is definitely the catalyst of the positive effects I’ve experienced as being in this community. I really am thankful that I joined Creative Powerhouse Society! I look forward to continuing this wonderful Adventure with Stacie Bloomfield, her support team and all the artists in the Creative Powerhouse Society!

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Margaret James

My favorite part of Creative Powerhouse Society is the connectivity, collaboration and support it brings to me in the quiet art studio where I work and practically live! Being a solopreneur is great for productivity because I can power through until each job is done, but it's hard to go it alone. The ability to tap into peer groups (amazing and wonderful), to hear other creatives being interviewed and discuss the pros & cons of things I was wondering about, to have an #askStacie feature and a searchie that instantly takes me to information I need at that minute is invaluable! I also appreciate the ability to skip around and find what fits my needs and all of the connectivity being cleanly organized.

A monthly membership EMPOWERING you to create products to compliment your art and illustration portfolio. 

 Welcome to the Creative Powerhouse Society. In 2020 I started this membership for YOU, the surface pattern designer, the maker, the illustrator who is hungry to grow your art business.

But where do you start? How can you take your art collections and turn them into income? 

There is no magic wand (if there was I'd be in the magic wand business).

BUT there are tried and true methods that I've learned during my past 13 years running my own illustration business. I simply want to help artists grow. That's why this membership exists. I want you to enter The Creative Powerhouse Society with a GROWTH MINDSET.

When you join The Creative Powerhouse Society, you will be guided on topics such as "How to pitch your portfolio", "How to have a successful holiday sales season", "How to add a new income stream from your art" and countless other topics that you've been scouring the internet for in search of answers. 

I'm providing you with tips and quick win ideas for taking your artwork and turning it into marketable products. I answer your BIGGEST business questions.

Each month delivers lessons on how to Leverage Your Artwork, design challenges for maximizing your portfolio, and provides licensing and manufacturing resources so you can find the right partners for growing your art business.

Learn to create a stable business by finding new ways to sell your art.

Enrollment is Currently Closed and Will Reopen Fall 2022
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This is your home.

The Creative Powerhouse Society is a membership for artists and creatives who have artwork and want to pursue art licensing and make products to sell on their own. This membership gives you the tools you need to leverage your creative ambitions into a sustainable, joyful, and fulfilling career.

What is inside the membership? Live Q&As, E-Commerce Specialists, Monthly Lessons, Expert Guest Interviews, Product and Manufacturer Reviews, Peer Groups, Design Challenges and Continued Mentorship. You will find the answers to your questions and build the creative career of your dreams. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR CREATIVE SPARK. 


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 The Creative Powerhouse Society is a membership made for illustrators, creative entrepreneurs, and designers. This membership will teach you HOW to use what is right in front of you to LEVERAGE your artwork into multiple revenue streams. The CPS delivers original content to inspire you, challenge you, and to make you think about the IMPACT your art can have on the world.

 Hear why  current members LOVE The Creative Powerhouse Society!

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"I'm so glad I took the leap and joined Stacie's Creative Powerhouse Society. It is jam-packed with guidance to help you on your creative business journey; art prompts to help build your portfolio and keep ideas flowing; inspirational live calls w/ successful creatives and monthly Q and A's to help you where you're stumped. Not only that, but you are part of a community of other folks on a similar path - which feels invaluable, especially on tough days. Everyone (from Stacie and team to other CPS members) has been extremely kind and incredibly supportive. I'm grateful to be a member and grateful to Stacie and team for putting together such thoughtful and comprehensive content each and every week/month!"

- Natalie H.

"Creative Powerhouse Society is fabulous. I joined Creative Powerhouse Society immediately after completing Leverage Your Art, and I can't recommend it highly enough. With CPS, there's always something new to learn and someone inspiring to learn from. Stacie keeps things fresh with frequently updated content, whether it is creative prompts, interviews and workshops with other artists, really practical how-tos for the nitty gritty details of setting up your art business, or Q&A sessions where she is always prepared to give down-to-earth and detailed answers to literally all of our art business-related questions (so invaluable!!). The community is always eager to give feedback and the team is always there to help me find answers to my many questions, no matter how small. I feel like I've grown so much in the past few months, and that's largely because of CPS. Stacie and her team have poured their heart into this community, and it shows." - Freya R

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"I highly recommend joining the Leverage your Art Course and Creative Powerhouse Society if you're serious about generating an income with your art. I’m a newbie surface pattern designer and all the juicy goodness that Stacie and her team give, is something you cannot research on your own. Also, I love Stacie for the honest, imperfect and talented artist that she is, she makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed in the community no matter where you are at in your business journey. I’m learning so much about the different ways my art can generate an income for me, it boggles the mind. If you're serious about making a living with your art, this is a great place to start. I’m so glad I found this community." - Catherine E

"I’ve been a Creative Powerhouse Society member for about a year now. It’s a great membership for creative entrepreneurs at different stages in their business, wether you are just starting out or have a more established business and are more experienced. What’s great is that Stacie has experience with so many different income streams, from licensing, to selling her own products, teaching, book publishing, etc. Stacie is also very open and genuine with her advise and desire to help others solve problems and educate and generous with her time. I can wholeheartedly recommend it!" -Asta
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"I am a Leverage Your Art 2020 alumna and joined CPS right after the course. Expert interviews, lessons, and workshops are my favorite. I find them very helpful and inspiring! I like that all content is recorded for playback as I rarely find time to watch it live. Being a member of the community and a small peer group helps me to stay accountable and feel less isolated. I feel that Stacie and the CPS team truly care about the community and make changes along the way." - Regina K

"I work full time and I am slowly building a design business. It's really difficult. I honestly believe my membership in the Creative Powerhouse Society is helping to keep me disciplined and on track, not only with the learning curve, but also with the community support. The membership is a treasure trove of information -- and so are my fellow members! I schedule all the new videos and information released in the membership each week into my calendar, and I make sure to check into the community frequently. I don't ever feel like I am on this journey alone. I feel supported and inspired by the membership!" - Victoria B

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"CPS is a never ending wealth of information, resources and wonderful people. When I feel discouraged or need help I can ask and someone always has an answer. I really love this community!" - Robin K

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Hello! I'm Stacie Bloomfield

Are you craving guided support while you chase your creative dreams? I have built this community for you.

I have an inkling that The Creative Powerhouse Society is the place for you to nurture your business and let your creative spark shine.

You have big creative dreams but need accountability to take action.

You have been searching for a community of likeminded creatives who GET YOU. Because, let's face it, not everyone understands the journey of a Creative Powerhouse.

You are ready to level up, whether you are just starting your business or you've been around for a few years.

You want to build a creative business that shines bright. You want your work to have MEANING and make a difference.

Over 13 years, I've licensed my art to major brands, sold my products in 1000+ retail stores, & lead a growing team of employees. I've taught hundreds of students how to leverage their art into a creative career.

I am here to guide you on your own journey.

You Were Made To Shine.  Do What Lights You Up.

Creative Powerhouse Society Features (SO Much Value)

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Exclusive Lessons

The membership provides you with video lessons, teaching you ways to grow your creative business and leverage your art.

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Live Q&As with Stacie

Attend LIVE Q&As where I answer ALL submitted questions from members. This is my FAVORITE part because I LOVE live interaction.

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Optional Peer Groups

Join a Peer Group near your geographic location and dive DEEP into each month's guided talking points. We GROW TOGETHER.

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Behind The Scenes

Get an inside look at how I run Gingiber, my stationery and illustration business, and see how I develop products, collections, and more.

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Peer-to-Peer Workshops

We invite YOU to share with our community and teach a live workshop held via Zoom. 

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Expert Interviews

Stacie sits down with the best in the creative industry. From Molly Hatch to Tula Pink, you will be INSPIRED by their stories and learn their best practices.


Imagine what could change for you over the next 12 months? 

Join me for 12 months of in depth growth. Running an art business doesn’t have to be a mystery! And this membership will help you avoid common beginner mistakes, saving you time and money in the long run, and help you shine as a true professional.

You are going to find community, gain confidence in your abilities, and learn how to grow your art business while you are in The Creative Powerhouse Society. 

I want you to be THRILLED with your experience, and I believe that once you join CPS, you will grow. 

I think you are going to feel right at home inside of The Creative Powerhouse Society.



Hear Directly From Our Members

Lacey Green Testimonial

Andrea Voros

I love it that the community is always there. I don't check in every day, but I know that when I do I get response and support. I also like that there are new videos about different subjects so I can go to relisten any time I need it. I like the briefs, because they give me ideas what to create and a good practice to get ready for a real brief from a company.
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Alyson O'Connor

I love the Creative Powerhouse Society! It's been so wonderful for me to learn how to expand my business into art licensing with a group of like-minded and supportive creatives. The art prompts have helped me grow my portfolio, and even add to existing parts of my business! I was able to create and launch two calendars in the wholesale side of our business, something I never would have thought possible if I hadn't joined the group. I also did a 1 on 1 session with Stacie that gave me the confidence to approach companies about licensing, and am currently in talks with two different companies thanks to the advice Stacie gave me!
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Haike Tremblay

The generosity of Stacie and her whole team. I feel like I can come with any questions or requests for advice and get honest, considered answers. I feel I definitely get more than I put in and have only scratched the surface of the goldmine that is CPS.


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