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An approachable, step-by-step course that shows you EXACTLY how to plan, create, print, and sell your own art calendar, from start to finish.

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An approachable, step-by-step course that shows you EXACTLY how to plan, create, print, and sell your own art calendar, from start to finish.

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Have you ever dreamt of creating your own 12 month calendar featuring your own art?

When you want to dip your toe into creating income from your art, you have to find that perfect balance between making eye-catching art and putting it on a product that is useful to your dream customers.


Calendars are perhaps the perfect marriage of art + product.


But this class is about more than just creating 12 pieces of art and slapping them onto a calendar template. The best calendars tell a story. 






Artists are storytellers.

We convey emotion, experiences, and observations through our art. When we tap into storytelling with our products, we attract the right customers. 

What story do you want to tell with your calendar? 

Design A Calendar in 2 Weeks. Easy Peasy. 

You've probably said to yourself: "How do I make a calendar? It seems so hard and intimidating! What type of calendar sells best? What if the calendar doesn't sell? How can I stand out when so many other people sell calendars?"

I've answered ALL of your questions (and more) inside this course. It is the definitive resource for creating your very own art calendar from start to finish. I teach you step by step how to bring your art calendar to LIFE so that you can start selling them and create income from your art.

I'm Ready to Make My Calendar!

Art Calendars LAUNCHED My Product Career.

Years ago I made my first art calendar (it featured some really cute owls) and I listed it for sale online, and sales took off! And just like that, calendar sales made up a HUGE portion of my income.


Since then, I've made over $100,000 from CALENDARS ALONE.

And now I'm teaching you exactly how to do it, too.


Why are calendars so great? Calendars hit all the marks: functional and beautiful. I bet you have one on your desk or in your kitchen or on your wall.

Since calendars feature 12 months of art, we as artists have a great opportunity to get our art in front of people year round by creating our own calendars. 







After I created my first calendar, I took the artwork and put it onto other products and featured them in my shop. I made tote bags, cards, prints, and more.

I even reissued the same calendar year after year, updating the dates of the product, and kept selling it, because I realized that my ideal customer loved their calendars so much they wanted to have the same one year after year.


This is what "Leverage Your Art" means:

creating a strong, intentional body of work and squeezing all of the possibilities for creative income out of it.


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- How to choose the PERFECT calendar theme that sells

- To create 12 new pieces of art for a collection (using the medium of your choice)

- The appropriate size and DPI for making calendar art

- How to choose a unifying color story to elevate your calendar

 - How to plan and storyboard your calendar

- How to professionally layout your calendar using 6 provided templates. Templates are available in .ai, .png, .pdf, and in Canva!

- How to print your calendars using online printers + get tips to save money during production

- The questions to ask when looking for the perfect printer

- Industry production terms and binding techniques for calendars

- Display and packaging options for calendars

- The profit formula for pricing your calendar

- Creative marketing strategies for getting your calendar noticed

- How to pre-sell calendars and the best time of year to sell calendars 


This is What I've Been Looking For!




Here's Exactly What We Cover In This Course:

+ Get 6 calendar templates in Adobe Illustrator and Canva

+ Download 50 Calendar Themes

Lesson 1: 

What's Your Story? 

The best calendars tell a story that connects with their dream customers. What story will your calendar tell?

Lesson 2: 

Five Tips for Planning Your Calendar

Learn how to storyboard your calendar, because every good product starts out with a plan.

Lesson 3: 

Make The Art For Your Calendar

In 12 days, you can create all the the art that you need for your calendar.

Lesson 4:

Formatting Your Calendar

I provide you with 6 Adobe Illustrator Calendar Templates and show you exactly how to use them.

You can also use the Canva templates we provide for you.

Lesson 5:

Manufacturing 101

From printing from home to working with an online printer, I teach you what you need to know in order to prepare your calendar for production.

Lesson 6:

Packaging and Printing Quotes

Packaging can be tricky, so I break it down for you. Plus learn the right questions to ask local printers.

Lesson 7:

Marketing Your Calendar

Let's market the heck out of this calendar and price it right from the beginning. I go over pricing formulas and how to engage your audience. 

Lesson 8:

Selling Your Calendar

I'm sharing my best strategies for selling your calendar, from pre-sale, to wholesale, to when to mark down your calendar.

Lesson 9:

What Comes Next: Other Products and Licensing

After you make 12 new pieces of art, what else can you do with it?


Scanning Physical Artwork For Your Calendar 

I walk you through step by step how to get your artwork on your computer + show you how to get large pieces of art scanned for product use.


Gold Foil Printing Set Up

My team walks you through step by step how to set up your file for gold foil printing.

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Hi. I’m Stacie Bloomfield.

I’m an illustrator and owner of my own stationery company called Gingiber.

Several years ago, I made my very first calendar and listed it on Etsy. And I’ve released several calendars a year ever since then and have sold those calendars to thousands of people all over the world.

My stationery products are carried in over 1000 brick and mortar shops.

I’ve taken those same designs on my own products and have licensed them with major brands such as Moda Fabrics, Crate and Barrel, William Sanoma, and more.

I’m passionate about illustration and teaching creatives how they can leverage their art into a career.

YES! I'm Ready to Make A Calendar!




After taking this class you will have made a new 12 piece art collection for your calendar.

Then there are so many other opportunities to leverage that art into other income streams.

- You will add your work to your art licensing portfolio and shop it around to manufacturers to create passive income.

- You will turn your calendar artwork into greeting cards, tea towels, stickers, and more and sell them on your own website or Etsy shop.

- You will feel empowered to create the PERFECT PRODUCTS for your dream customers

- You will learn the power of batch working as an artist, which gives you MORE TIME to do what you love in life. 

This is what I do in my own business so that I’m getting all the opportunities out of each illustration that I’ve made. 

I cannot WAIT to help you bring your calendar to life. YOU'VE GOT THIS!

I'm READY to Make A Calendar!

When should you create a calendar?


 It is literally the PERFECT time to create a calendar. Calendars make the perfect gift during the holiday season, and you can sell Calendars well into the New Year. Retailers start shopping for the next year's calendars EARLY.

I sell calendars year round. It is true!

There's plenty of time to Create Your Calendar. Start now. 

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