Leverage Alumni Testimonials

Hear from past students about how Leverage Your Art helped them to grow their businesses and changed their lives.

Written Testimonials

Hannah VanDuinen   

Stacie's course saved 2020 for me! It gave me direction, validation for the dreams I've been kicking around for years, and support as I got started with actually pursuing them. Now I'm consistently pitching my work for licensing and making tangible moves toward wholesale. My website is also 1000% more focused and usable than it was before the course. I've come SO FAR since the class started, and I owe it all to Stacie! Her approachable, open, no-BS teaching style was exactly what I needed to find my own confidence as a creative business owner and as a human.

Tammy de Zilva

Before Leverage, I was purely focusing on building my portfolio and trying to license by work.  When I discovered Stacie and the idea of leveraging my art across multiple income streams, it ignited a fire in me.  I instantly wanted to sign up to Leverage Your Art and learn all about it.  A few months later I had an online shop, taken wholesale and consignment orders, had a stall at markets, was featured in a book, taught my first in person class, licensed my work and grew my business so much more than I ever dreamed of.  I'm so thankful to Stacie for sharing not only her knowledge but her encouragement and support.  I am so pumped with the direction my business is now taking.

Shirlee Fisher

Taking Leverage You Art forever changed the way that I saw every little thing I created. Stacie not only teaches you the ends and outs of licensing and manufacturing your work, but she teaches you how to work smarter and not harder with what you are already creating. I absolutely needed the permission to reuse and repurpose my work. Coming in with a mindset that this was somehow cheating or being "lazy," I had never allowed myself to use my work in multiple ways. Stacie teaches you to really SEE your work and pick it apart to create different products and create more revenue. As someone who has been selling my artwork for quite some time, I was so challenged. I learned so much about the fabric industry, licensing, pitching, and was given a ton of resources for new manufacturers to work with. If you are someone who is just starting out, this is also an excellent course for you. Stacie walks you through branding, website building, finding your artistic voice, managing social media and so much more! I could go on and on, but I promise that you will not be disappointed with this well-rounded course with lots of heart from Stacie Bloomfield.

Sarah May

If you are considering taking "Leverage your art" by Stacie Bloomfield, do it!  Invest in yourself and your business.  I have been in business as a linocut artist for many years yet knew I wanted some guidance.  This 8 week class covered a wide variety of topics from licensing to pitching to book writing and just about everything in between. Stacie was thorough and personal, generous and professional.  I now have information I can continue to access and implement.  I am so thankful for this class as I now feel like I can grow my business at my own pace and in a myriad of ways.  Thank you Stacie!  

Marty Whitney

Stacie's first ever introduction of her awesome course "LEVERAGE YOUR ART" was a smashing success. I am so impressed by her creativity, spontaneity and talent.  Not only did I learn a lot, but I look forward to all the jam packed informative lessons I can return to and review over and over.  I am so extremely happy to have taken this course and look forward to many more opportunities to learn from the best of the best.  The modules within the course are jam-packed with ideas to expand your horizons.  


Deborah Fisher   

Leverage Your Art (as well as the Creative Powerhouse Society) has been a complete game changer for my creative career. Stacie has shown me how many possibilities there are to diversify my income, expand my reach, and create a more sustainable design practice. I now have a fabric collection being released this summer, and am represented by an art agent. I am so glad I made the investment!

Mirka Hokkanen

I took Stacie's class and it was just the right information, encouragement and push that I needed to move forwards in my career. I've gotten several freelance jobs since the class, so the investment into myself paid itself multiple times over already. I loved how Stacie was present for the students during and after the class, the Q&A sessions were awesome, and I had all my questions answered. Stacie is a genuine, honest and approachable teacher and her style of teaching fit me perfectly. 

Christine Jamieson  

Hi Stacie, I just wanted to reach out and say that your course Leverage Your Art has changed my life. ️

I just launched my own website today and I’m already feeling my energy shift. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the course was and how much I got out of it. I still have tons to go back and review but I’m already on a path to something I’ve been dreaming about for years. Thank you. For your willingness to share and be yourself and to put so much love and hard work into the course. This Canadian girl is forever grateful. ️

Asta Bubliene

I’ve been been working in a creative field for the last 20 years, but never for myself. I am also a ceramic artist and love drawing on paper and on my pots. I thought of starting to sell my own home decor products and then surface pattern design came into my orbit. I wasn’t really sure how to get started. So last summer I made a leap and decided to invest in the Leverage Your Art course by Stacie Bloomfield. It’s a very intensive and comprehensive 8-week course. Stacie takes you through a 360º view of creative entrepreneur’s business, teaches about multiple revenue streams and all the different ways you can monetize your artwork. Stacie’s enthusiasm and sincerity is infectious and she really genuinely wants to help everyone succeed. For me it was a lot of new information and after taking Leverage Your art course I decided to work on art licensing income stream first and have focused on building my surface design portfolio. The best part is that you can go back to the course and revisit it again whenever you are ready to implement other parts of the course into your business. I can definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to become a creative entrepreneur.

Maie Atabani   

I was one of those at the beginning on the fence to join because it really is a big investment, but halfway through the course i realized that even if the class were to stop here, it would’ve been worth it. If I knew how much I’d end up learning before I joined , I would’ve done it right away without hesitation. Regardless of where you are on your journey, you'll end up learning a ton. You will also realize that there really is a formula to succeeding and Stacie breaks it down for you step by step. Its approachable, challenging, and delightful. Do it.

Tiffany Wong   

I was first introduced to Stacie when I saw a Facebook Live interview she did on a Facebook group I am part of. I was instantly drawn to her kindness, fun personality and in awe of how much knowledge she had and her willingness to share that with us. When Leverage Your Art was announced I knew I had to take this opportunity to learn more from her. After trying to guide myself through the business of surface design and art licensing for a few years now, I realized that I needed more guidance and this course gave me that. I gained so much more knowledge and insight to this business from someone who has proven success. Thank you Stacie for being so kind, generous with your knowledge and real! I do believe this course is an investment for my business and I am eager and excited to implement what I have learned!

Diane Watson

First, let me start with a big "thank you!"  (And a hug). I am an empty nester starting a career over again at 57 after leaving the corporate world (I had enough!). My mom passed away this year of complications from dementia. She was my creative powerhouse. She taught me how to use color, choose fabrics, and make a home look unbelievable on a budget.  We would do silly, crafty things to pass time together. I haven't been able to talk with her about those things for the last 3 years as she slowly declined.  It's been lonely not having a creative compadre.
Meeting you virtually (and your team/ the group has been a light in my life).  I'm very introverted so hardly ever go on Facebook (or live calls), but having access to your authentic videos and the tons of pertinent information you passed along is simply amazing! So very helpful.
Creating pattern designs, art prints, building my portfolio and website has been my focus during this class.  I have been able to keep going even when life feels so overwhelming. I'm getting started on a very small budget and I have not put my work out there yet, but getting braver everyday.
I joined your membership and am looking forward to the continuation of the creative inspiration. 
Look forward to seeing you soon in the membership group! 

Lizzie Clark

In February (yes, of 2020, though it’s hard for me to believe) I came back from my third, and most successful Surtex experience - a surface pattern trade show held in NYC. I could hardly believe it. I sold something at the show, made several solid contacts and secured a license for some of my designs. With a fabric license and a couple of other sales to big name companies in the previous year, I felt after almost four years, I was beginning to find my audience.
Then March came - in like a Covid-19, out like a. . .Covid-19 - and set everyone back. After getting laid off from a part-time gig, I started thinking, full-time, about other revenue streams. I read, Googled, talked with friends and colleagues, and started to make some, minor, plans. In June, I was called back to work. I lasted two weeks before quitting for safety concerns. Now this was serious - I had ALL of my time to focus on my dreams of making money with my patterns. I had seen posts and IG stories from Bonnie Christine about Leverage Your Art and decided to check it out. After taking Stacie's free mini course, and reading the entire Leverage web site (not kidding), I was sold!
From the first module in July, it was clear this was what I needed! I had an idea to manufacture and sell products on my web site and Etsy. I knew nothing. But I was learning something each week, to guide me in making the dream a reality. Within the first two weeks I had a new web site. Followed closely by notecards and coasters. Then came patches and pins. Finally came screen printed tea towels (using the Gingiber screen printer recommendation.) I put products online. I created a “Booth in a Box” and selected some local brick and mortars to pitch. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be shipping the boxes out and upping the promotion of the products online. All of this happened as a result of the fabulous information included in the modules, the supportive exchanges in the FB group, and the weekly live Q&A sessions.
Stacie and the Leverage community were warm, generous and thoughtful. Without Stacie and the community she created, I would not be where I am, especially in the short time it took to arrive here. I can’t say enough about the Leverage course, and encourage anyone who is wondering if it’s the “thing” for them, to reach out. I’m open to questions! 

Rebecca Woolbright

I first found about Leverage in Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course. I was in her first group for immersion and decided I needed a kick in the pants to get my portfolio growing so I decided to take the course again. When I saw your videos as a guest speaker I was so blown away by your generosity in sources and information that you gave us, it was a Christmas miracle! 
I signed up for Leverage immediately after convincing my husband that it would change everything...lol... and then I convinced two of my girlfriends to take it with me, ha! Leverage made me stop and reflect. Leverage made me look at the work I had created in the last five years and think about how I could maximize that work. I have been wholesaling for five years and Leverage opened my eyes to new ways to get my products in stores and how to pitch myself with efficiency. 
I feel confident. My wheels are turning and I am super inspired. I feel so motivated to use the work I have been creating and add it to more products. Since the class ended last summer, I have formed a new LLC (I had moved and not created another one in my new state), copyrighted 20 pieces, talked with a wholesale rep and created a pitching schedule for stores and licensing! I have also created tea towels, washi tape and sticker all using existing artwork! I feel limitless and also supported by Stacie and her team. Her vulnerability and transparency throughout the class were so inspiring. I have two kids, I am a stay at home mom and I appreciated the realness in all of the live calls. I mean how amazing is it to have kids run in on every live call and construction happening at the same time all while hosting calls from your COVID “office”?
I am a part of the creative powerhouse society and it is incredibly valuable for connections and resources. Everyone is super quick to help, including Stacie and her team. I have an amazing peer group and I look forward to what comes next!

Ash Paggi 

This time last year, I was a stay-at-home mom with 15 years of graphic design experience and I was absolutely dreading going back to work in my field. I even considered changing career paths because I was just not interested in typical client based design anymore. Graphic design did not light me up the way it used to and I had completely lost my creative WHY. This is when I found Stacie Bloomfield and I took her Leverage course. It was PIVITOL in helping me create a unique, passion driven career out of my art. It taught me how to create 1 piece of art and use it in ALL the different ways! One piece of artwork can be stretched to create income in ways I hadn't even dreamed about. Plus! I learned so much about managing a creative business. Stacie was very hands-on through her entire course and has continued to be a resource for me this entire year because I joined the Creative Powerhouse Society. 
Since taking her course, I have had some great successes! I got licensed with my very top choice fabric company and am now working towards my SECOND fabric collection! I also started selling my products wholesale to stores across the country and retail on my own website! I have a very clear path for growth for my business and everyday I have a million things to do that are leading me towards my huge goals! I credit a large chunk of my success and business fulfillment to Stacie and thank her for her endless inspiration and encouragement. She has truly helped recharge my entire creative life. 

Jodie Warters

When I came across the Leverage Your Art course I have to say I sat on the fence deciding whether to do it right up till the last minute, but I took the leap of faith and invested in my business and myself and I’m SO glad I did because it’s really paid off. And I don’t mean paid off in the sense that I’ve been able to monetise from what I’ve learnt, that’s still to come, more that the experience gave me purpose and direction to begin building this new side of my business. I’ve been a Graphic Designer for over 25 years and now I love that I feel confident in calling myself a Surface Designer as well. 
Stacie is so authentic and really teaches from her heart. She comes with an abundance of knowledge of the industry which she openly and happily shares with the Leverage community. As a student you really feel like she genuinely cares and wants to help you succeed. 
I’ve also just completed Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course and both courses compliment each other so well. I now feel well equipped with skills and knowledge to go forth and do what makes my heart sing, I’m so excited about what lies ahead for me!

Bonnie Lecat

"Leverage Your Art really changed the way I do business and create new artwork. The well-organized, easy to understand, and extremely thorough lessons helped me to see where I needed to make changes in my business so that I could work smarter, not harder to create the business I've been dreaming of. Thank you, Stacie, for creating this wonderful class and taking the time to share your knowledge in such a kind, fun, and approachable way! Since completing Leverage Your Art, I have designed an entire new product line that will be launching very soon. I would never have been able to do it without taking Leverage Your Art, and I find myself revisiting the videos and lessons again and again and I learn something new every time!"

Robin Kinley

Leverage was so full of content and value that I hardly know where to start. I could (and will) watch it over and over again. It helped to take a lot of the mystery out of the business side of selling your art. It gave me practical, actionable steps to begin realizing my dreams. Thank you, Stacie for your transparency and frank honesty. Your openness and willingness to just put it all out there is inspiring and very much appreciated. - A Grateful Alumni...Robin

Kris Ruff

I took Leverage because my art licensing business had plateaued and I needed to figure out how to reach the next level. The course covered many different revenue streams (some of which I'd never thought of) and the guest speakers were top-notch, providing great insights into their specialties. At the end of each week, I'd write in my notes, "what makes sense for me right now" and put down my thoughts. I realized that what DIDN'T fit was as important as what DID, allowing me to narrow down a direction from all the possibilities. It's fun to go back and see how my perceptions changed throughout the course. A year later my revenue is up about 150% and I feel more confident and more hopeful about the direction my business is heading.

Michelle Rimpf   

Leverage Your Art, by Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber, is exactly what I was looking for to help me on my way! As a creative it is not always easy navigating your way through the many ways of building a creative business. Stacie breaks it all down with a bunch of information and she makes it all very tangible. Not to mention Stacie’s Facebook chats and Q&A sessions, with even more information! Those Facebook chats and info sessions were just as valuable as class content! Leverage was a very special class and I was happy to be a student. There are design briefs, to help you build your style and work on different types of “assignments” and guest speakers working in the industry and telling their stories of success. All very inspiring.
This is a terrific investment in yourself and your business. Go for it!!!
Thanks, Stacie and Team!
Next stop—Creative Powerhouse membership. Looking forward to that too!

Cristina Kramp   

Hi Stacie and team,

THANK YOU FOR THE LOADS OF INFORMATION, HELP, AND ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE LAST 8 WEEKS!  You are SO generous, I am so grateful to have been able to take the course and continue with the membership, way to leverage!  And to keep giving.

Deep, utmost generous, real, and insightful! 

Leverage Your Art is propelling me from where I am, giving me a zoom in and out perspective to take advantage of what is in front of me.  I am in my 4th year as a part-time freelance artist and Stacie and her team have shone light in achievable practices that make my art stronger and cohesive, building systems that support my goals.  They know SO much and are so resourceful in finding what they don’t. The expert guests made it a full learning experience.  I highly, highly recommend it!

Lyn Marie

For anyone thinking of taking the course:

Just wanted to reach out and extend my thanks to Stacie for her Leverage Your Art class.  Even though it was probably one of the most stressful and exhausting times in my life I just felt called to participate.  I had been working in a job I loved as a Broadway and Film Makeup artist and then Covid hit and utterly crushed any possibility of work.  I had always had a small stream of income from private commissions and doing a few prints here and there but was utterly lost when it came to turning this into a real career.  From the moment I took the Free intro class I KNEW I was in the right place.  Stacie’s exercises and knowledge were the push I needed to move forward as both an illustrator and professional sculptor.  More than anything it gave me the courage to find the audience waiting to see my unique way of creating.  This year I have already signed onto two licensing contracts as well as designing two theatrical stage productions and collaborating with a company in England to produce 3 dimensional versions of artwork for the estate of a renowned illustrator.  I will absolutely be working through the course again this year and look forward to integrating more social media to build my brand and introducing surface design into my portfolio.   I know how hard it can be to make decisions about investing in yourself, it was a major step for me…But when it came down to it, I realized I not only was investing in myself in that moment…I was investing in the best version of myself as the artist and entrepreneur that I was MEANT to be.

Here’s to finding “the magic” in every small step along the way!


Alexandria Chen

I first found out about Surface Design in June last year and was searching for a course to start building my knowledge and career in Surface Design. Stacie’s course opened my eyes and mind into the numerous ways we can leverage our artwork by elaborating on the channels available to create multiple revenue streams.
The lessons are in video and text formats that you can take at your own pace, and can be accessed on Kajabi app. I loved that she included a workbook that I could follow along easily. Personally I do find that it’s a more advanced course and would recommend it for someone who already has artwork that they’re ready to act on.

Miriam Saari

I am a member of Bonnie's Flourish group, I had a blast in Leverage, and am leading a CPS peer group. I was watching Bonnie's behind the scenes video on the Immersion Live set up.  The video made me start thinking about some of the conversations I had with people around me during our Leverage course.  
When I was in Leverage, I kept telling people around me that I loved the course because Stacie was absolutely real...dogs, kids, repairman, etc...and that transparency resonated with me so much.  I had several peer group members taking Leverage also say they loved that Stacie's Q&A's because she was talking to us like we're friends at her house.
I saw Bonnie's efforts to bring us together with her beautiful Immersion Live set and lighting, but I wanted to let you know that many of us are hoping you to stay willing to talk to us from your bedroom or the porch, to run to grab the laptop charger in our Q&A's, and to remind us that we're all going through this together.
I love Bonnie for her vibe and sweet spirit, and I love you for everything you make me want to be.
Thank you for all you do for us!

Marie Advincula

Hi Stacie! Last January I did a 1:1 coaching call with you and you gave me the advice to apply for the teaching academy with Skillshare.
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I was accepted and plan to create my first Skillshare class to be ready by the end of May.
If it weren’t for you and your guidance, I NEVER would have known about the teaching academy and I certainly would never have applied! You, your LYA course and CPS membership has been so helpful and encouraging and I’m just incredibly grateful for you and everything you do for us. THANK YOU! 
I will definitely keep you posted on my Skillshare class progress.

Regina Kareev

The Leverage Your Art course has exceeded my expectations! It's all about creating multiple revenue streams for your business. And business is all about making decisions. This course allowed me to look into many available options, compare and choose the best for myself. It gives me confidence and takes a lot of guessing out of the process. I also like that Stacie is so honest and open with her students, sharing her experiences and expertise. Thanks to the Leverage course and CPS membership, I have opened an online shop on my website and now I'm offering art prints and some other products for sale. Looking forward to creating more digital products and adding more revenue streams! Before Leverage, I didn't even know about all the available options and didn't believe that I can do it. Thank you so much, Stacie!

Jennifer Steffen

Leverage Your Art is a comprehensive course taught by illustrator Stacie Bloomfield. Whether you are brand new to the industry or a veteran looking to enhance your knowledge and business skills, I believe this course is worth every penny invested!
The biggest WHY is the presenter herself. What I love about Stacie is her transparency, honesty and energy! She shares everything she has learned as an entrepreneur and business woman in the industry including challenges she has experienced along the way. All of it! Yep! The good, bad and other. And she does it all in a down-to-earth and approachable manner!
What’s it about you ask? The course features topics you will encounter in every aspect of the industry. You literally walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a manual-guidebook for leveraging your artwork across multiple revenue sources. Equally important is the ability to work at your own pace because as we all know, life happens! There is no pressure and lots of encouragement from Stacie, her staff and from all of the participants. You also will have lifetime access to all of the program materials! 
What’s the format? Each week for 8 weeks, a new module is released. Some of the topics include working in the fabric industry, building your creative brand, how to pitch your work, how to work with an art agent, how to publish books, art business accounting, law and copyright, how to create systems that help streamline your workflow and so much more including many bonus videos and presentations! All modules include a project with a design brief too!  This is all invaluable alone but Stacie also brings in guest speakers who are professionals working in areas related to each of the modules! For me, this was such an amazing aspect of the material presented in the course!
In conclusion, I love the idea of the ability to access this material at anytime I need it for review as I go through each of these modules in real life in my own journey! Additionally, I love the ability to network with other students and to be apart of a group of artists and entrepreneurs who are seeking similar career goals! 


Nanette Martin

Since participating in the Leverage Your Art course, my confidence as an artist has grown immensely. From Stacie and her team, I have received unlimited guidance, support and encouragement - which is so essential to me as I make my way in the business of creativity. 

Stacie has created a space where artists of all kinds can come together to grow, learn and share their stories, just as she does with us each and every day. Stacie is down-to-earth and authentic - the real deal. And her enthusiasm is contagious - it bubbles over into everything she does!

It’s very exciting to be part of this group of like-minded souls and I look forward to continuing on my creative journey with all my new friends in this community!

From the bottom of my heart Stacie, I thank you!

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Lisa Lammi Art


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