Words to Live By BOM | Month 7

quilt along Mar 01, 2022

Written by: Natalie Crabtree

Hello quilters, and welcome to Month 7 of the Words to Live By BOM! I had quite a nice time creating Block 11 from Month 7. It was short and sweet.The year is moving along, and spring is in sight. This block felt like spring to me. The gold, coral and pink colors, the florals, the bouquet in the panel, and pops of blue reminded me of fresh spring air, sunshine and gardens growing. I didn’t plan it this way, purely coincidental, but this block is perfect for the start of spring!

Spring is also a time of rejuvenation. And the message behind this panel is perfect for rejuvenation and growth. “Take a Deep Breath. Exhale. (You’ve Got This) Inhale.” A beautiful reminder to be kind to yourself, practice self-care and to keep growing this spring.

What are you doing to be kind to yourself this spring?Month 7 features simple sewing techniques that have been practiced and mastered throughout this BOM such as flying geese unit assembly and HST unit assembly. It was a nice refresher, and an easy-going time at the sewing machine!

As always, I had my Frixon pen at the ready to help those units come out perfectly. Frixon pens help you draw the diagonal line on the wrong side of each square. But I’m curious, what do you use to draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each square? Or do you have extra tools that help you avoid that time consuming step? Other tools quilters might use are:

  • Regular pencil.

  • Sewing Machine Laser that acts as a guide to move your stitch and flip units through the sewing machine diagonally for perfect SNF corners.

  • Diagonal Seam Tape by Cluck Cluck Sew. Have you ever tried this? It’s a lined tape that you place on the needle plate and table of your sewing machine. A red line guides your stitch and flip units diagonally for perfect SNF corners. The tape also features a black ¼” seam line on either side of the red line for doing 2-at-a-time HST unit assembly. You can find this tape here: Diagonal Seam Tape

The units were simple and easy to make. It was lovely to piece and trim simple units. It made for a fun hour in the studio!

I love the light airy feeling of this block. The way that the gold, black, coral and pink prints accent the colors in the panel are perfection. I hope you enjoyed creating this block as much as I did.Next month, we’ll tackle a simple block featuring the adorable sewing notions panel, along with the pieced sashing units! I can’t wait to create them alongside you!

Have a wonderful month and thank you for following along.

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