Words to Live By BOM | Month 3

quilt along Oct 16, 2021

Written by: Natalie Crabtree

Hello quilters, and welcome to Month 3 of the Words to Live By BOM! Month 3 was so fun to create! I truly enjoyed the simplicity of it, and the message behind the panels. I have beautiful photos, helpful tips and even a fun addition to the Lemon panel for you this month!

Before getting started, I want to encourage you to download the FREE Bonus Pattern featuring Block 3 of the BOM. It includes all of the yardages, cutting instructions and block assembly instructions required to make a super fun, and scrappy, throw quilt. The best part? You don’t have to participate in the Words to Live By BOM quilt-a-long to take advantage of this free project! Anyone can download the pattern and enjoy the Bonus Pattern! Shout it from the rooftops! Here is a quick reminder of what the Block 3 Bonus Project looks like.

I found fabric pull for Month 3 to be delightful! It has all of my favorite skus from the Words to Live By Collection. (The golds, the black...

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Words To Live By BOM | Month 2

quilt along Oct 09, 2021

 Written by: Natalie Crabtree

Welcome to Month 2 of the Words to Live By BOM! Once again, I am Natalie Crabtree, designer and writer of this BOM. It’s been my pleasure to work with Stacie and collaborate with her team on this project.

First and foremost, I apologize for my tardiness on this Month 2 blog. What can I say? Life, work, children…..all the above. But I am here to say that I look forward to watching your stack of blocks grow as you sew along with us. We value you, your business, and we value the community that you are taking part of.

To make it up to you, how does a free project sound? I absolutely LOVED making and designing Block 3. Something about the rotation and movement in that block made me think of evolving, growing and changing. Included in the Month 3 blog will be a free PDF download pattern that will help you create a whole quilt using Block 3! See the quilt image below. It will include everything you need to create this lovely, scrappy quilt...

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Words To Live By BOM | Month 1

quilt along Aug 07, 2021

Written by: Natalie Crabtree


Welcome to the Words to Live By BOM Quilt-A-Long! My name is Natalie Crabtree, quilt pattern designer and pattern writer. I have been honored to work alongside Stacie Bloomfield and her wonderful team for over 2 years now. Throughout those two years we’ve designed dozens of quilts, exchanged many emails and messages about how to bring fun and creative projects to our customers (you), and how to continue producing the fun and whimsical Gingiber spirit that you know and love.

Fabric and quilt pattern design are two creative outlets that are somewhat secretive by nature. Sometimes Stacie and I work months (and even up to a year) on projects before we can introduce them to you. We anxiously design and hope that it is received well, and that is resonates with customers when it is finally released.

That is what is so special and unique about the Words to Live By fabric collection and quilt.

When Stacie and I first begin talking about a...

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